plastics... and much more

Apart from manufacturing plastic products, our company is highly active in the trade sector. Out collaboration with renowned foreign companies selling guaranteed quality materials makes us one of the most significant supplies of all types of recycles materials on the Greek market.

Our future goal is to extend our plastic waste recycling activities to include household plastic waste (bottles, plastic packaging). Because, it must be realized that the re-use of plastic litter means the economize of first material and environmental protection.

With modern instruments that contribute in the maintenance high of quality of produced products, with specialized personnel that knows perfect the chain of production, with persons that placed their fundamental objective to the the protection of environment, our company recycles annually above two thousands tones industrial wastes plastic, polyethylenes LDPE, HDPE and PP.

The products that our company produces are raw material recycled plastic, soft and hard polyethylene LDPE, HDPE.